Basic Card Information
Alignment: Speed
Gender: Female
Faction: Super Hero
Power Requirements: 2
Center Trait Card: No
Primary Card Use: Attack
Card Availabilty: Reward Card

Card Rarity: Common
Card Level: 20
Card Mastery Level: 20
Base ATK/DEF: 370/340
Max ATK/DEF: 1058/966
Sale Price: 480 Silver
Former Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbara Morse is highly trained in unarmed combat and espionage. Mockingbird carries two hollow steel-alloy poles ,(battle staves), each extending up to four feet.
No Ability

Card Rarity: Uncommon
Card Level: 30
Card Mastery Level: 100
Base ATK/DEF: 444/408
Max ATK/DEF: 1482/1353
Sale Price: 960 Silver
Mockingbird is a founding member of the West Coast Avengers and was previously married to fellow teammate Hawkeye.
No Ability

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