[Krimmon's Host] Doctor Spectrum

Basic Card Information
Alignment: Speed
Gender: Male
Faction: Super Hero
Power Requirements: 6
Center Trait Card: No
Primary Card Use: Attack
Card Availabilty: Rally Pack

[Krimmon's Host] Doctor Spectrum
Card Rarity: Common
Card Level: 20
Card Mastery Level: 20
Base ATK/DEF: 560/490
Max ATK/DEF: 1622/1415
Sale Price: 1,200 Silver
Soldier Joe Ledger came into contact with the Power Prism while searching an alien spacecraft, which turned out to be of Skrull origin. It granted him powers across multiple spectra of light and radiation, ranging from energy projection to flight and the ability to survive in a vacuum. The Power Prism's one weakness-and therefore Doctor Spectrum's weakness-is ultraviolet light.
No Ability

[Krimmon's Host] Doctor Spectrum+
Card Rarity: Uncommon
Card Level: 30
Card Mastery Level: 100
Base ATK/DEF: 672/588
Max ATK/DEF: 2272/1981
Sale Price: 2,400 Silver
The Power Prism contains the consciousness of a Skrull known as Krimmon, imprisoned within the prism for attempting to usurp the Skrull Emperor. Once he recovered from the coma, caused by his initial contact with the Power Prism, Ledger joined the government-sponsored team of superhumans known as the Squadron Supreme.
No Ability

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