[Dark Mystic] Baron Mordo

Basic Card Information
Alignment: Tactics
Gender: Male
Faction: Villain
Power Requirements: 2
Center Trait Card: No
Primary Card Use: Defense
Card Availabilty: Rally Pack

[Dark Mystic] Baron Mordo
Card Rarity: Common
Card Level: 20
Card Mastery Level: 20
Base ATK/DEF: 340/360
Max ATK/DEF: 989/1035
Sale Price: 600 Silver
Karl Amadeus Mordo turned to occult pursuits after learning of his father's murder. Nikolai Mordo rebelled against the encroachment of technology into every area of modern life and sought to restore the glory of Transylvania. Following in his footsteps, Karl became a powerful sorcerer and adversary of Doctor Strange.
No Ability

[Dark Mystic] Baron Mordo+
Card Rarity: Uncommon
Card Level: 30
Card Mastery Level: 100
Base ATK/DEF: 408/432
Max ATK/DEF: 1385/1450
Sale Price: 1,200 Silver
Baron Mordo studied with the Ancient One during the early years of World War II. There he learned of the existence of Dormammu and sought to make an alliance with the demonic being.
No Ability

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