[Uptown Team] Daredevil and Luke Cage+

Basic Card Information
Alignment: Speed
Gender: Male
Faction: Super Hero
Power Requirements: 23
Center Trait Card: No
Primary Card Use: Attack
Card Availabilty: Special Pack

[Uptown Team] Daredevil and Luke Cage+
Card Rarity: Super Special Rare
Card Level: 0
Card Mastery Level: 0
Base ATK/DEF: 2920/2810
Max ATK/DEF: 8395/8085
Sale Price: 0 Silver
North of Times Square, Daredevil and Luke Cage are the men who know what's going on. They believe in the street, in the common people, and they stay rooted in their city and in their neighborhoods. That's what bonds them together.
Card Ability
Ability: Streetwise
Ability Useage: Average
Ability Effect: Remarkably strengthen ATK of your Heroes.
Remarkably Boost ATK of Faction by 0%

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